Futzing with Ascape

First, you will have to set up your machine. After it's all set up, see the page on running and compiling to get the program actually running.

If you have followed all that, you now have a working game. The source for the Prisoner's delimma game is in Ascape/src/edu/brook/pd/PD2D.java and Ascape/.../pd/Player.java.

Exercise 1
Using the source code, work out the rules of the game. How do births, deaths, movement, and the actual PD game work?

Exercise 2
Now that that's all working, futz with it: modify the source, see the notes about recompilation, and see what happens. Upon what parameters is the equilibrium cooperate/defect ratio most dependent?

I mentioned the Game of Life in class; here is complete source code for a Java implementation.