Ben Klemens

2031 11th Street NW
DC 20001
(213) 926-6336

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  • Senior Statistician, U.S. Treasury Office of Tax Analysis, 2015--present.
  • Statistician, Principal Researcher, U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Research Division, 2009--2015.
  • Senior Statistician, National Institute of Mental Health, 2006--2009.
  • Nonresident Fellow, Brookings Institution, 2003--2009.
  • Executive Director, End Software Patents project, Free Software Foundation, 2007--2008.
  • Contractor, World Bank, 2004--2005.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Department of Economics, 2004--2005 .
  • Teaching Assistant, 2000--2003.
  • Research Assistant, to Michael Chwe of the NYU Dept of Politics, 2000.
  • Risk Control Analyst, ABN AMRO, Inc, 1998--99.
  • Research Assistant, to Dali Yang of the U of Chicago Political Science Dept, 1992--95.


  • PhD in Social Science (Microeconomics and Game Theory), Caltech, 2003.
  • Participation in the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models Summer Institute, Harvard University Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences, 2002.
  • MS in Social Science, Caltech, 2001.
  • NASD Series 7 certification, 1998.
  • BA in Economics, University of Chicago. Included one year at London School of Economics studying mathematics and labor economics; dean's list. , 1996.


    Reviewer pool member, NSF Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, 2014--present.
  • Chair, Transportation Committee, DC ANC1B, 2013--2015.